Constant Contact Polyurethane Side Bearer Pad
  • Chemtura Corporation-USA’s patented product manufactured under license
  • For improving overall ride quality of high axle load (22.9T) BOXN wagon for high speed with reduced lateral forces and low wheel wear
  • Proven maintenance free record with longer service life
  • Most successful side bearer design in freight wagons in Indian Railways
   Modified Elastomeric Pad (Injection Moulded)
  • Acts as primary suspension is BOXN wagon, with differential stiffness in 2 axis for reducing wheel wear.
  • Suitable for high vibration absorption and provides reliable service conditions.
   High Capacity Draft Gear Pad (RF-8)
  • High impact resistant and shock absorption pad for Draft Gear.
  • Capacity 155.0 MT.
   Air Brake Hoses
  • Complies with AAR standard for Air Brake Hose.
  • Polyester wrapped, nylon reinforced, oil resistant, high pressure bearing hose.
  • Long and maintenance free service life.