Air Spring EMU/DMU/Mainline/LHB (for Secondary Suspension)
  • In Technical collaboration with TMT-China, Avadh is Part-I vendor.
  • Belted design air bellow for super dense crush load in 180Kn / 150Kn / 120Kn capacity range.
  • Used as secondary suspension in Bogies to increase speed potential with overall improved riding quality.
  • Maintains constant suspension height irrespective of load.
   High Capacity Buffer Springs (Injection Moulded)
  • Used in sets of 4 in Buffer Spring Assembly.
  • High resilience with superior energy absorption capacity upon impact load.
  • Capacity 1225kg-M.
   Conical Rubber Spring (for Primary Suspension)
  • In Technical collaboration with TMT-China.
  • Used as primary suspension for Bogies,with external Hydraulic dampers.
  • Replacing conventional coil spring and dashpot oil damping in EMU/DMU and Mainline coaches, eliminating its chronic problem of oil spillage and consequent oil top-up.
   Rubber Pad for Fiat/LHB Bogie (Primary Suspension)
  • Used in primary suspension of Fiat/LHB bogie above primary springs.
  • Provides better shock and noise isolation.