Side Bearer Pad
  • Used in secondary stage of suspension in high adhesion bogies.
  • Can withstand static and dynamic loading in compressive (max. 18.0 T) and shear (max 2.5 T) modes during operation.
  • Maintenance free with longer service life.
   Spring (Happy) Pad
  • In technical collaboration with Bayer Material Science.
  • A Thermoplastic polyurethane product manufactured by injection molding.
  • Acts as a non metallic cushion for locomotive coil springs, thus eliminating spring breakage.
   Gear Case Seal (Half wiper)
  • A polyurethane product acts as a replacement for conventional fiber gasket for traction motor gear case.
  • Prevents 100% oil leakage with reliable and longer service life.
   Elastic Ring (Vulkollan)
  • Exclusive Vulkollan material licensee from Bayer Material Science.
  • Used in traction link of 3 Phase WAP5/WAP7/WAG9 type Electrical Locomotives.
  • Absorbs tractive and braking forces between locomotive body and its bogie.
  • Bears lateral, radial and torsional forces.